Graphic design services

From logo to social media ads. Want to create your own visual identity, but don’t know where to start? Trust us on that. We create logos, social media advertisements, business card designs, illustrations, etc.

eCommerce solutions

WooCommerce is the most popular online e-commerce platform for small and large online merchants using WordPress.

WordPress development

We specialize in and work exclusively with this CMS, developing simple themes as well as big, more complicated projects. Our clients point out the ease and flexibility of our approach to developing WordPress panels, as well as great technical quality we offer.


UI / UX is a very important aspect of your website. For your website to be successful, you need to provide an amazing user interface and user experience. Our designers are constantly striving to understand the needs of their target audience and make websites more attractive and easy to use.

Plugin Development

Object-wise, a custom plugin is added to add custom features to your WordPress site.


Pixel-perfect and well-tested front-end development regardless of the project size. We have a strong focus on aesthetics, therefore we collaborate with designers and always do our work as if it was a next step in the design, not only a simple transformation of a given psd into html/css markup.